Since it is now Christmas break for me, I have been able to watch a movie or two with my free time. This is encouraged me to compile a list of my favorite movies. These are some of my favorite films that I have watched:

Honorable Mention: The Revenant (Alejandro Inarritu, 2015)


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  1. I’m glad you’ve created a running list of your favorite movies, as I’ve done on my blog: I’d suggest making your list chronological. 🙂

    Since I was the one introduced you to Terrence Malick, I won’t inquire about why you like his films; it’s obvious. Tell me why Alfred Hitchcock, the Coen brothers, and Wes Anderson appeal so much to you?

    I need to see “Shadow of a Doubt” given our shared enthusiasm for Thornton Wilder, but I couldn’t find the film on Netflix. Thanks to you link, however, I can now watch the film on Amazon, although this Gen Xer is reluctant to watch a film on his computer. Call me old-fashioned, but I want to see it on my TV.


  2. My movies are in a different sort of order – an intentional one – in case you didn’t notice.

    I will use Rear Window as an example in explaining why I like his films so much. In Rear Window, the camera does not leave the apartment of L.B. Jefferies. Yet, the camera tells the story of every person in his apartment complex by merely filming them. Hitchock was one of the first to use film to tell stories without hinging upon dialogue.
    Wes Anderson is the most aesthetic film-maker I have experienced. You might argue for Malick, which is fine. There is something characteristically different between the two. Anderson’s care and precision appeals to a J like me.
    I like Fargo for its dark and complex humor. I like No Country for Old Men due to my love for Blood Meridian. In both movies, I have seen how well the Coen brothers have been able to tell a story beautifully, even if the plot seemingly lacks all beauty.


  3. Is your list ordered with your favorite movie at the top?

    You wrote: “Anderson’s care and precision appeals to a J like me.” Please elaborate because I have no idea what this means.


    • Not necessarily. The higher up you go, generally I enjoyed the movie more, but I ordered it as the following: Hitchcock, Anderson, Malick, Coen — repeat.

      Anderson above all of the directors in my post care about the exact placement and color of every object in the frame. That “care and precision” appeals to “J” like me because I value, above most things, order.


  4. I’d guess that any director worth his salt cares a great deal about exactly what appears in the frame of the camera. That’s true for all the directors you appreciate. While I appreciate the aesthetic of Wes Anderson’s films, especially “Moonrise Kingdom,” the storytelling leaves me wanting something more, and I don’t connect to his style of humor.


  5. I never said other directors do not care about exactly what appears in each frame. I said that Anderson above the others I listed seems to have a care about the precise layout, position, color, and presentation of each item in the frame.


  6. Since you like the Coen brothers, I’m curious if you saw their 2016 film “Hail, Caesar.” Do you like their films “The Big Lenowski” and “O Brother, Where Are Thou?” (a loose rendering of Homer’s Odyssey)? My favorite Coen brothers’ films take place in the American West: “True Grit” and “No Country For Old Men.”

    Also, what’s your take on Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom,” “Budapest Hotel,” and “Rushmore”?


    • I have not seen Hail, Caesar or O Brother, Where Are Thou – I have seen The Big Lebowski but it was a long time ago and I did not like it then. I have seen True Grit, but the original, not The Coen Brothers’ True Grit.

      I like all of those movies. I think I enjoyed Rushmore out of all of those most, but I have enjoyed all of Wes Anderson’s movies. IF I were to rate them (notice the emphasis on if), this is how I would order them:

      Fantastic Mr. Fox
      The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
      The Darjeeling Limited (about 3 brothers like The Brothers Karamazov and my own family!)
      Moonrise Kingdom
      The Grand Budapest Hotel

      The rest I either haven’t seen or only seen parts of.


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