The Credo of a Converted Man

Fyodor Dostoevsky, in a letter to a friendly ex-convict’s wife, writes the following after serious transformation of heart while in Siberian prison:

…I have shaped for myself a Credo where everything is clear and sacred for me. This Credo is very simple, here it is: to believe that nothing is more beautiful, profound, sympathetic, reasonable, manly, and more perfect than Christ; and I tell myself with a jealous love not only that there is nothing but that there cannot be anything. Even more, if someone proved to me that Christ is outside the truth, and that in reality the truth were outside of Christ, then I should prefer to remain with Christ rather than with the truth.

Dostoevsky: A Writer in His Time by Joseph Frank (p. 220)

This comes from a doubtful Dostoevsky who is still thirsting for faith. It is strange that despite periods of doubt where it almost seems impossible to believe in the gospel, the gospel continues to assert itself as the truth of reality. We cannot escape the truth of Jesus Christ our Lord, and that is a blessing.


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