Euthyphro by Plato

This passage is shorter than other excerpts I have posted, but this one sentence pierced me.

SOCRATES: As it is, the lover of inquiry must follow his beloved wherever it may lead him.

(p. 14)

Euthyphro by Plato

I want to reference Thornton Wilder:

Questions, the torment of questions.

There is not true education save in answer to urgent questioning. Unease and deprivation awaken the young mind to inquiry. Roger did not realize that he and his sisters had acquired that habit of mind in their earliest years: they had struggled to survive. Like plants in a parched soil, they had sent down deep roots. From infancy they groped hither and thither, asking “What?” and “why?” and “how?” (p. 222)

-Thornton Wilder, The Eighth Day

Questions get us out of assuming we know everything. Questioning brings us to truth in showing us that we don’t know it currently. The life of a man questioning is one rooted in deep thought–The Examined Life.


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