Our Stance in Relation to God

I attend a church called Christ Community Church, and I recently heard a message delivered on the ten commandments (this particular sermon was on the first four, which deal with our relationship to God, whereas the other six deal with our relationship to others). My pastor said, when speaking about idols, that we tend to bring God down to our level, so that we can “see” Him and control Him. This is wrong, and quite impossible. We cannot move or control God, or anything else that He has not willed Himself.

I read tonight a passage that not-so-coincidentally dealt with this in book I am currently reading. Christian Wiman, a modern, living poet who found faith after being diagnosed with cancer, writes in My Bright Abyss:

Our minds are constantly trying to bring God down to our level rather than letting him lift us into levels of which we were not previously capable.

My Bright Abyss by Christian Wiman

We do not bring God down to us. In attempting to do such a thing, we are putting ourselves above God. Whenever we gain some insight about God or “Truth,” God is bringing us up to Him to places not possible for man to reach without His Lord.

Not only was this message something that I delighted in, but the Providence I witnessed by hearing both messages from completely separate “voices” made realize God’s presence even more.

[Photo by Joseph Jekel, but only possible with God]


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