Feminism: The Absolutely Worst Way to do Something Good

Since I am someone interested in Literature, attending a public university, I tend to encounter over political correctness. These classes typically include the mentioning of and the unhealthy focus on feminism. What bothers me about feminism is that it first takes away from what should be taught. If we take out great books to be replaced by women’s works just because they are written by women is wrong. If a work of literature, philosophy, or anything else is good, than it is good. Who cares whether it is written by a man, a woman, an African American, a Native American, or any other person. The quality of writing and content is in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY dependent on the gender or ethnicity of the writer. If Ralph Waldo Emerson is replaced as an essayist by some unheard of woman writer SOLELY due to the fact that she, in fact, possesses the genitalia that constitute her as a woman, there is something going wrong.

There are absolutely amazing women writers in many disciplines. Jane Austen is one the greatest novelists of all time. She has managed to write several (5-10) incredibly influential novels the social life. She is by no means a one hit wonder. Also, Emily Dickinson is possibly among the top ten poets of all times. Her language is amazing and cryptic and causes people to sit in awe of her use of the word. Eleanor Stump is possibly one of the greatest minds in philosophy, as well as possibly being one of the greatest minds in general in the past century.

We don’t read a majority of male writers because we are sexist or racist; we read whatever is considered a “great work.” To deprive anyone of the freedom to read what is great just to equalize the playing field deprives readers of great knowledge and experience. There are great writers of both genders and of multiple races.

Including less known, inferior women writers is quite the opposite of helping women. It actually insults women. Doing this, it says that these new included women writers are good writers “for women.” I wouldn’t want to be considered good at something just because I’m good for being “X;” that is demeaning.

I will read what is great, whether it is written by a woman or by a man; by this person or that person because what great is great.


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