St. Augustine on the Outward Signs of the Spirit

Recently, I have been dipping into St. Augusine’s Confessions. I just read the Book II, which is where he discusses his adolescence. This section of his life was where he was consumed by the sin of lust. He mentions his coming to manhood and adds decently explicit details about his sexual exploits during this time in his life. However, he is looking at this into the past to discuss this state of sin. The Augustine writing the Confessions is a regenerated Augustine. He asks a question that I think is essential to the Christian life:
“What fruid had I” (Augustine 33).
He asks himself, using Paul’s language, what fruit he bore as an adolescent. We, as Christians should regularly ask ourselves what sort of fruit we bore, but also what fruit are we bearing. Are we yielding fruit of humility, prudence, and selflessness or are we giving forth fruit of pride, lack of self-control, and self-centeredness?

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